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Feb. 12th, 2016 08:19 pm
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I don't even know if anybody uses dreamwidth anymore, but if not, that's honestly better. I just want a place where I can post random thoughts and ideas; whether they be from dreams, for stories, or just things that pop into my head. Of all my social media spaces I figured this place was best for that. I mean, I haven't used this in forever anyway. I *still* occasionally use my LJ for personal dilemmas and my twitter is usually my place to rant or share random thoughts, but the character limit can sometimes be a pain in the ass. So... that's an update one what's going on in case anyone is still on here or stumbles by and wonders what's going on. Even if this place gets forgotten about again, at least I had fun revamping the layout & profile a bit lol.
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Somebody posted this video on LJ and I can't stop watching it. It's a little scary, but absolutely hilarious at the same time XD

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Yesterday I found an old Resident Evil fanfic on my computer. I originally wrote it about seven years ago (omg, that was forever ago!), but in 2007 I started re-writing it. The idea of the story is pretty cheesy, though the way I had re-written it was actually pretty good (if I do say so myself). So between yesterday and today I wrote two more chapters. I planned it out, and there should be about 10 in all (plus the Prologue and Epilogue). Maybe I'll post the re-write here. Though, maybe I'll re-write the other two stories (it was a trilogy), and then post them... The whole thing was based on a dream that I had one night, about what if I was a part of the Resident Evil series. I love taking ideas from my dreams and just running with them. So, the first story takes place in RE2 (with my in it, of course). The second story is Code Veronica, and the third story is an all original one. I wrote all those stories before RE4 and RE5 came out, so to keep it following the games' story lines (at least somewhat) I'll have to re-write a lot. But I think it could be fun. I feel like I'm back in Jr. High writing and reading these... It's a lot of fun. Definitely relieving all the stress that has built up over the past few weeks. ♥

PS. What are stories like that called? Mary-Sue's? Aren't those pretty much a no-no for fanfics? haha. I don't really care. They're special to me, and I like them.
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I really needed to be in bed, like, half an hour ago, but first I wanted to update... I have the new ~summery~ layout up. I like it. a lot. I think I even love it more than my spring LJ layout! But I'll be making a summery layout for the el jay soon enough... ;]

ANYWAYS, back to the point of this entry - what am I going to really use this journal for? Let's be honest, I made the account to save my username. I don't really need a new journal. I have both a livejournal and an insanejournal. I'm much more active in LJ, simply because the other users there (in the communities I'm a member of) are more active. But my IJ has a purpose; I keep all of my fanfics, sim!story ideas, etc. stored there. As well as random lists (to do & such) to remind myself of. So what could be the purpose of another journal? What should my dreamwidth account become?? I haven't put too much thought into it really, but I think I might just use the main journal for graphics, sharing music, sharing my stories (yikes!), and... just being "me", and maybe a more open than I typically am on LJ. There are some of the same people on here from there, but there are some new people too. It's always great to get to know new friends. :] So yeah, we'll see how this goes. Just don't expect in depth, true-to-my-life updates. I'm def. keeping that in my LJ for those I've deemed my close interweb friends. Unless I make some friends like that here... then I might just make a few occational "highlight" updates with a filter. But I don't have anybody friended yet, so let's not worry about that now :P


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